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A Sci-Fi-Inspired Rock Fantasy

Space probes confront mortality at the edge of the cosmos.

Ready to melt some face?

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Jim Territo


Jim Territo & Joe Territo

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100 years from now, the Space Administration launches the most advanced space probes ever built with the hope of finding new habitable worlds for mankind. The team (Captian, who ultimately goes mad, Navigation, who self- sacrifices to save the others, Analysis, who sees mathematical beauty in everything,  Maintenance, the caretaker, Artillery, who yearns for freedom, Recon Clones, the foolhardy comic relief, and the “Black Box”, chronicling it all) faces a rough journey, experiencing nasty landings, time dilation, galactic conflict, internal strife, mutiny, and ultimately their own decay. Searching across the aeons for a sense of meaning to get them through it all, they find, as they reach their dramatic ends, that the act of caring is what gives life its beauty and purpose.

The songs embrace arena rock, punk, blues, reggae, hip hop, opera, metal, folk, electronica, and country, and are by turns bold, humorous, catchy, heart-wrenching, and invigorating. 

Approximately 2 hours 15 min, with intermission.

Characters (8)

Billy- “Navigation”: M or F, 20’s-40’s . The socially-conscious philosopher of the group. Self-sacrifices to save the team.  Power-ballad & reggae Bari-Tenor or Mezzo belter. (Key 3) 

The Black Box- “Flight Recorder”: M or F, 30’s-70’s The wizened, folksy chronicler of the journey. Outlives all the others. Country Baritone or Alto. (Aux Percussion) 

Dan- “Analysis”: M,  20’s-30’s. Geeky, fixated, and happy-go-lucky. Companion to Kate. High rock Tenor. (Guitar 3) 

Doug- “Captain”: M, 20’s-40’s,  Devoted to the mission. Rigid and serious, and ultimately suffers a mental breakdown. Mid rock Tenor & speed rapper. (Guitar 1) 

Jenny- “Maintenance": F 20’s-40’s Matronly, kind, persistent. Has trouble letting go. Strong affinity for the Captain. Operatic Soprano with the ability to blend pop harmonies. (Key 2) 

Kate- “Artillery”: F, 20’s-30’s. Combative for most of the story, yearns for freedom, and comes to find peace. Companion to Dan. Punk-rock Mezzo with the ability to blend ballad harmonies. (Guitar 2) 

Mike & Nate- “Reconnaissance Clones”: M or F, 20’s-30’s. Foolhardy, fun, and competitive. Die in a game of chicken. Rock Bari-Tenors or Mezzos. (Aux. Percussion) 

All Characters double as “Scientists”, by donning lab coats and glasses.  

Some characters should double as instrumentalists. The indications above are suggested instrument assignments, and flexible. 

Band (5-11)

Key 1/Keytar (MD), Bass, Drums (the “band”: non- singing instrumentalists) 

Guitar 1, Keys 2 (Can be cast doublers or non-singers in the band) 

Guitar 2 & 3, Keys 3, Percussion 3, Aux Percussion (all optional- intended to be cast doublers) 

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Past shows:

Galactic Premiere: August 2017, The Crofoot Ballroom, PontiAC, MI

Halloween Show: October 2017, OverTyme, Waterford, MI

Theatrical workshop: June 2018, Planet Ant/Ant hall, Hamtramck, MI

Encore weekend: August 2018, planet ant/ant hall, Hamtramck, MI

Album Release Party: december 7, 2018, The Loving Touch, FERNDALE, MI

Ghost Light, Hamtramck Sept 6, 2019





On the Album

willa 5.jpg

Willa Rae Adamo


Amy Blevins

jack photo.jpg

Jack Bennett


Maya Gangadharan


Paco Higdon
(Vocals + Guitar)

D2M Joe Singing Drums.JPG

Joe Territo


Phil Treias

Jeremy Otto (Drums)

Jim Territo (Keys)


Creative team


Jim Territo (Composer, Music Director) has BMus and MMus degrees in composition and education from the University of Michigan (2001, 2008). He taught high school and beginning band at Detroit Country Day School from 2002-2014, worked as a theatre composer and music director in New York City, and taught music at Roeper Lower School in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Since 1999, he has been an active commissioned and published composer/arranger, music director, clinician, and freelance rock and jazz pianist. His first original musical, Justice in Dusty Junction, premiered in MI in 2012 and was published in 2014. His next musical, The Other Direction, premiered at 54 Below in Manhattan in 2015. His latest, The Daedalus 2 Mission, premiered at the Crofoot in MI in 2017.

Joe Territo.JPG

Joe Territo (Coauthor) has bachelor degree in psychology, Spanish, and English with a focus on creative writing from Central Michigan University. He has attended schools in Michigan, Mexico, and Ecuador. In his free time, he is an active writer, musician, and performer, and has been involved with various bands since 2008 as a drummer, singer, and guitar player. His writing favors short stories and flash fiction, and he recently co-wrote an original musical titled The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera, which premiered in August of 2017.


Rachel Biber (Director) studied performing arts at Wayne State University, having been a performer since age 10. She has worked hair and makeup on countless shows, and performed in even more. This will be her 4th directorial project after catching the director bug with Man of La Mancha at St. Dunstan's Theater.

Buddy + Michael 3.png

Michael Ameloot & Buddy VanLoon (Co-Costumers) have collaborated on costumes for many spectacular productions at Stagecrafters Baldwin Theatre including Elton John's Aida; Disney's The Little Mermaid; Shrek, the Musical; Into the Woods; and The Never Ending Story. They have also worked together at two hair and fashion shows: One Tribe and Minuet for the Trico Salon, at Arts, Beats and Eats festival. Buddy VanLoon has also earned national recognition for his fantastic Cosplay costumes (WINGS!!!) in Chicago and Detroit. They are excited to collaborate on Daedalus 2 Mission to bring their foam and fabric talent to the Planet Ant stage.

Noel Montales & JIM DAVIS, Lighting Design

Tony Ross, Sound DEsign

Mark Heckert, Audio Engineer


Chris Dodge, Illustration

2018 Planet Ant Cast

Willa Rae Adamo

Jack Bennett

Maya Gangadharan

Paco Higdon

Rollo Rollison

Tiaja Sabrie

Hannah Taubitz

Victoria Rose Weatherspoon

2017 Performances

Jim Territo: Keys 1 – Vocals

Amy Blevins: Keys 2 – Vocals

Phil Treais; Keys 3 – Vocals

Paco Higdon – Guitar 1, Vocals

Gui Cavichioli – Guitar 2

Kim Alley – Vocals

Kyndal McAlister – Vocals

Takashi Iio, Greg Platter – Bass

Joe Territo – Percussion, Vocals

Thom Monks, Jeremy Otto – Drums

Mark Heckert, Noel Montales, Mark Gohl, - Sound, Noel Montales, Jim Davis, James Higdon- Lights

Luise Smela - Staging,  Alan Canning - Video, Jacqueline Brockel - Artwork,  Amanda Uppleger - Costumes

Jason Uppleger - Video Projections, Chris Morrisroe - Promotion 

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